A year on

Currently I am sitting in the exact same place that I wrote my post on the suicide of Alexander McQueen. Having just watched a documentary about his life and path to success I still cannot help but feel the utter loss of a creative genius a year on. His work was theatrical and stunning and aside from putting on an amazing show for everyone, it was evident that his work was personal to him and had real substance to it. It was much more than creating something that was on trend or even wearable. It stuns me that he was often criticised for those very reasons…his work was not commercial enough and this meant that he would be at the heart of negative press. I have a genuine belief that Alexander McQueen broke the boundaries of fashion and eventually this was quite rightly recognised. In all his unusual, extreme and avant-garde work I’d find that the core would expose an essence of honesty and vulnerability…we were confused but at the same time we knew exactly what message he wanted to make. This ability is beautiful.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the AW 2011 collection.

Sarah Burton embraces the black/white colour trend that we’ve seen to be a key driver for the season. Long silhouettes are apparent as well as delicate fabrics that contrast with the tough and structured style of some pieces.

I will end this post with a quote by Isabella Blow on McQueen:

He’s a wild bird with good silhouette and his whole work is a bird…birds have movement, they have freedom, they’re wild, they’re free…they don’t have to be responsible to anyone other than to their great technical ability to fly…I think he makes clothes fly.

The link for ‘McQueen and I’ is below.


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One Response to “A year on”

  1. Nice post! I agree 100% with what you have said, it’s a real loss to the industry but, I’m sure he has inspired people like yourself.

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