After a lot of walking, passing cute little vinyl stores and coffee shops me and a friend made it to an intimate fashion event related to raising awareness about ethics within the fashion industry. If I’m honest, I was not really sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the brands and the extent that they go to, to ensure their work is all ethically made. There are many issues that we as the consumer overlook when we buy things, this oblivious attitude needs to be eradicated in order for a difference to be made. Below is a list of issues that The Ethical Fashion Forum are trying to target.

What is ethical fashion?
Fashion & development
Made in Britain
Fashion & awareness
Standards and labelling
Fast fashion, cheap fashion
Trade tariffs and barriers

Wages and workers rights
Fair trade
Culture and skills
Sustainable livelihoods

Energy & waste
Organic and eco fashion

The ETHICAL FASHION FORUM (EFF) is a not for profit network focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. I would highly recommend visiting their website if you want to learn more about their impact on the fashion industry.

I was intrigued by all the brands and commend them on their work and efforts to be ethical in some way. I’ve got some information about a few of the brands I saw with pictures of their work!

NV London Calcutta-

This is an ethical accessories brand that is determined to prove that their goods can be high fashion as well as ethical. All goods are handmade in Calcutta and quality is certainly not compromised. After doing some further research about this brand, it’s reassuring to know that they ensure those who create their products receive both a fair wage and a healthy, happy working environment. In terms of the collection, my favourite piece was the silk scarves- I loved their simplicity yet its ability to easily be a statement piece for any outfit.


This is another ethical accessories company specialising in silk goods, their products are made in Cambodia and the brand itself has a distinct vision. Aspara aim to recapture the culture and artistic heritage of the Cambodians which was essentially lost after three decades of civil conflict and isolation. They provide a helping hand to the communities of artisans they work with. Working directly with producers is highly beneficial to the workers because it means that they are earning a fair wage as there is no middleman to pick and choose prices. The fact that Aspara are not only ethically making their goods, but are also rebuilding a distraught community and changing lives is commendable.

This clutch can be worn both casually or dressed up in the evening, versatility is essential!

Amisha is a relatively new jewellery label, all collections are limited edition giving the consumer that feel of exclusivity as well as the quality that comes with the pieces. All the jewellery is hand made in India using recycled silver and semi precious stones. Something that I found highly impressive is that Amisha donate 10% of the profits made to a charity of the consumer’s choice (choice of 5) both in the UK and in the developing world. The designer herself, Amisha Ghadiali, was very welcoming and passionate about her work. She talked me through her current collection and gave me an insight as to why certain stones are used and what significance they have. For more information on this collection, check out the website (link above).

Embellished Truth-

Embellished Truth is another accessories company that focuses on being as eco friendly as possible. Each handbag is crafted using the finest eco friendly leather which is vegetable tanned in Europe. An Indian theme is present throughout the work, all pieces are individually created with care and embossed by hand. Sounds like tough work, but the end result is gorgeous with lots of attention to detail. The leather, soft. The prints, beautiful. What more would you want?

Karishma Shahani

Karishma is an enthusiastic young designer from India who studied at the London College of Fashion and has now created her own collection. Her work was amazing and was certainly one of the highlights of the event. The colours, shape and style represent the electric and vibrant culture of India. Her homeland has played a vital part in this collection which makes us, as the consumer, appreciate it due to its meaning. It is more than clothes-it’s a story, an expression. Many of the fabrics are recycled and some of the garments are even made of plastic! How retro! I went over the collection with Karishma and below are some pictures of key pieces.


I bet the idea of wearing magazines, newspapers or posters has never crossed your mind. No, didn’t think so. Well, mine neither until I saw how cool it could look. Juzi jewellery consists of handmade beads which are quite literally made out of paper. Not only does this encourage recycling but there other ways that Juzi contribute to the communities that they work with. Juzi have created their own Ethical Business Policy to ensure that the highest standards of fair trade are adhered to.

This is a wonderful movement within the fashion industry. Not only is it raising awareness but there are also solutions being implemented to ensure fair trade and to support deprived communities.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Pav Perhar x

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  1. Hi, Hope you don’t mind us leaving a comment to let you know that you can source a range of FAIR TRADE, RECYCLED PAPER & NATURAL BARKCLOTH & BANANA LEAF BEADS from our website. All handmade in UGANDA(:

    Thank you for your support.

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