The Bigger Picture…

Fashion photography can sometimes have such a big impact on the audience and often says more than words themselves. I admire photographers for having the ability to evoke many emotions from what essentially is a moment of time. Those who appreciate any kind of photography however, will know that it is so much more than a moment of time, its effect can linger on and can leave one feeling moved. A single picture can be interpreted in a thousand different ways – it’s freedom, it’s vast, its impact is something bigger than me or you.

I discovered the work of Zhang Jingna a few months ago and have been captivated ever since. She’s a young and talented photographer from Singapore with commendable vision. Her work is absolutely mesmerising, she captures every moment beautifully while not carelessly forgetting to emphasise the garment. Her work is fascinating, inspiring and honest. Reacting to a simple photograph is a beautiful thing, being affected by something so simple brings back some realism and sense of being in the hustle and bustle of life.

Take a moment to establish how these pictures are making you feel. What’s the story behind them? Before I even told you to think about this, many of you probably had an initial reaction to the photos…they could have made you feel something in some way or another. If so, you looked at the bigger picture…that is amazing.

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