Menswear Fall/Winter 2010

Where to start, I’ve gone through a lot of impressive collections and want to incorporate them all! I will share these over a series of posts. Within this post however, I’ve included three different collections each demonstrating appropriate shades, shapes and styles for the season. I always love looking at Fall/ Winter collections because the option of layering and experimentation with clothing is available.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010

I was highly impressed with the integration of accessories within this collection, they should most certainly not be overlooked. The boots, bags and gloves add the final touches and complete the looks. Tweed as well as fine leathers were used frequently here so be sure to include some of that in your wardrobe for the season. Dark greys, navy blues, browns and beiges are all appropriate for the season and Louis Vuitton have perfectly used these colours together. A theme I noticed throughout the collection was the contrast of colours used on contrasting pieces. For example, navy blue trousers accompanying a grey blazer as opposed to just having a plain navy blue suit. Something so simple can make a big difference and make your look a whole lot more interesting.

Velour Fall/Winter 2010

From distinct shapes and a smart appearance to a more preppy and casual look. I love this collections simplicity, throwing on a shirt with some ‘skinnies’ has never looked so good before. It’s young and it’s effortless but it also looks damn good. Again, blues and beiges are key colours here.

What everyone has been talking about…

Alexander Johansson for Gucci Fall/Winter 2010

This full collection is not available as of yet, however its preview has got everyone talking. Leather crocodile jacket? Holy! Crazy preview, crazy excited. I patiently await further details on this collection, will keep you posted.

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  1. When did you let these guys borrow my wardrobe?

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