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Spring/Summer Trends 2010

Posted in Uncategorized on April 22, 2010 by pav1991

This will be my last post on Spring/ Summer trends, my next posts will be related to collections and trends to look forward to in Autumn/Winter. So I thought I’d wrap up the season by selecting a few items that I liked according to trend, I also made sure that they were reasonably priced because I understand that not all of us are celebrities.


1) H&M- £19.99- The Garden Collection, also available in beige and blue.

2) Uniqlo- £39.99 -Linen blazer jacket, also available in grey, dark grey, navy and black.

-If you’re looking for something cheaper, Primark are doing a linen blazer for £12. Obviously the factor of quality may be an issue here.

3) ASOS- £36.00-Oversized trimmed shirt dress

4) Matalan- £12.00- Cream lasercut gladiator, also available in black.

5) Clarks-£69.99 -Temple beam, also available in dark brown (made from real suede and leather)

-Okay, so this is quite expensive but if you’re looking for a trendy everyday bag that will last…this is the one.

6) Aldo-£40.00 -Choen, also available in black

7) Topshop-£25.00 -Applique Tank

8 ) H&M- £14.99 -The Garden Collection, also available in white.


Double denim is definitely in this season, so feel free to experiment. I would however be cautious with the shades and style of denim you choose. Alexa Chung nails the ‘double denim look’ with a light baggy denim shirt and dark skinny jeans…the contrast of shape and colour make the outfit interesting.


1) £8.00-Floral shorts

2) ASOS- £10.00- Oversized jersey

3) Aldo-£75.00- Macksey

4) ASOS- £25.00-Floral Bowler Bag

5) Topshop- £28.00-Ditst Zip Playsuit


So some of you may have checked this online shop out but it is relatively new. Although not all of the range is great, you may find some nice pieces at relatively low prices. It reminds me of what ASOS was like when it first started out and although does not cater for men as of yet, I would not be surprised if they start to at some point during the future as ASOS initially catered for women only. So check it out and enjoy.

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A quick update

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2010 by pav1991

Hello everyone, hope all is good. Just wanted to apologise for not having posted anything here for awhile I’ve been crazy busy at work and have had university interviews as well. I am currently working on a post that will be up in a few days so watch this space, better yet subscribe! Also, I’m going to India in a few weeks so hopefully I’ll come back with some cool shots that I can post here demonstrating their fashion culture.

That’s it for now, much love.

Pav x