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“As far as my personal life, my work is personal. I love what I do. All bullshit aside I’m trying to make money. And that’s personal.”- Sham Shirley

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I had to share these pics with you all, I’ve had some of them on my computer for a while so a few are a little outdated. However, I simply cannot deny this woman’s style so I figured it would definitely be a worthy post. This is what you get when you combine high fashion with urban street wear. Sham Shirley is the name, one of the founders of It can be said that her style is somewhat masculine, I personally think there’s nothing more sexier than a woman having these masculine influences incorporated into her personal style. Ladies, don’t be afraid of rocking it better than any other man.

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Studying Fashion

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2010 by pav1991

I’ve started to hate the first 10 minutes of meeting someone new. Like explaining that I’m re-sitting the year because I didn’t get the grades I needed for the course I wanted to do is not bad enough…I now have to explain the ‘drastic’ change of heart I had about the course I want to do- Economics to Fashion. Of course I understand that people want to get a sense of who I am and learn about what I’m doing, but I can’t appreciate people being so narrow minded. Apparently “there’s not much you can do with fashion” well that’s what I was told by a friend of a friend…yeah I didn’t even know this person!  It’s absurd. Like in any other industry, if one excels within that field then they are bound to be successful. If I manage to do well at university and all goes to plan after that, in theory I should have a really promising career and future ahead of me.

Although it’s incredibly annoying, I think the doubt of others has made me want to persevere even more. I feel like I have to prove a point. It’s very judgemental (the industry and people in general) and I have to get used to that. I don’t have money to splash on designer clothes and when you look at me you’d probably not guess that I’m a to-be fashion student but, I have imagination and I think that’s what’s going to allow me to exceed, I really do. Having vision and passion and being able to express yourself is something you can’t buy, these components are most important. I guess it all falls in to place after.

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Vivienne Westwood

Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 by pav1991

From one great fashion designer to another. After my post on Alexander McQueen I wanted to learn more about British designers famous for making a statement with their work, not being afraid to stand out. Vivienne Westwood. Do I really need to say anything else? What speaks more than her collections is her story. It’s been really interesting for me to look at a timeline of her creations seeing how they have evolved. Although being notoriously known for incorporating punkish influences and sex in a lot of her work, I think many of her collections compliment her originality whilst also having a modern twist…this can only lead to a beautiful outcome. It turns out that designing was not something she initially set out to do but in fact developed into a passion a few years after she broke through. From starting off her career by opening a shop with her partner selling rock and roll records and clothes from the 50’s period, to designing clothes for The Sex Pistols, it’s definitely clear that Westwood was never and has never been scared to expose her raw individuality. I mean in the 70’s the hippy movement was up in full swing, she rejected this dominant craze. Fashion (Westwood) and music (The Sex Pistols) combined gave birth to British Punk culture.

Westwood Today

Westwood has said that she was proud to be apart of the punk movement however, has said that has moved away from it. I’m personally impressed at how diverse her work is. After comparing her past collections with her more recent ones, you’d think it was two different designers. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is now viewable on her website, below are some of my favourite pieces from the red label. Unfortunately the men’s collection and gold label are unavailable at present. However, I may update this post once they are made available.

I love the soft pastel colours used in this collection, its appropriate for the season. There’s also a lot of shape and texture that make these outfits interesting to the eye. Head wear should not go unnoticed but my favourites piece has to be the embroidered blazer jackets. They’re beautiful, throw them over a simple dress or blouse and you’re ready to go…so classy. Be careful though, like I said what you wear underneath has to be simple…no glitzy sequins or fancy tops because they’ll overpower the blazer and it could all look too much.

It’s not all about fashion though. Westwood has stressed on numerous occasions her concern toward climate change, The Gaia hypothesis to be precise. In a recent interview she said if there was anything else she could do professionally it would be to make a TV show addressing environmental issues and climate change. Who would have thought hey? Definitely an interesting character to say the least.

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