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“Sometimes when you flirt with death you become attracted to it…”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2010 by pav1991

11 days after the suicide of the legendary Lee Alexander McQueen many of us are still shocked. But should we be? It’s questionable whether an ending like this was inevitable. Let’s rewind 10 days prior to his death- he was devastated by his mothers passing, now let’s fast forward a few days-it would have been London Fashion Week. It’s easy to assume that the pressures of life in this demanding industry took its toll to an extent where death was the only reassuring option. One can speculate. Ofcourse this may not solely be the reason, after all he had 20 years of experience so a little pressure would hardly cause much damage. Perhaps there were other personal issues involved that may have been addressed in the letter he left, maybe we’ll never really know what truly instigated such drastic behaviour.

Everything he did made a statement…his fashion collections were beautifully outrages, the catwalks were far from models casually strolling down a runway, they were pure genius demonstrating distinct visionary.

Below are some pictures i have put together from the Menswear Fall 2009 collection, this Alexander McQueen collection is one of the most memorable for me. The colours, the concept, it’s more than clothes, it’s art. It tells a story and McQueen’s personality really comes through; mystery, gloomy, dark, hostile…all of these words come to mind when I think of this collection. If this isn’t flirting with death, I don’t know what is.

His death in itself made a statement, hanging himself in his wardrobe; it shows how he lived for fashion and how it was something that would ultimately be the end of him. The saying ‘expect the unexpected’ seems oh so applicable here. Nonetheless, it goes without saying how much of a loss his work will be to the industry.

But hey it’s fashion. Fashion is life and fashion is death.