Welcome to my fashion blog, this blog will incorporate current and future trends for both men and women, celebrity style, news, recommendations-everything! If you have any requests or want me to cover something in particular just leave a comment and i will try my best to dedicate a post to that request.

Why feed me fashion? Choosing a name for this blog was actually a lot harder than anticipated, i wanted it to be memorable. It dawned on me how important fashion is to a lot of us and how it influences us all in some way. How some of us eat, sleep, breathe and live fashion…so it kinda came from that. Fashion is more than putting on an item of clothing, fashion to me is an expression in itself and can evoke a variety of emotions in the most effortless way. It is a movement and is all around us, it’s a representation of our personalities. The beauty of fashion is that there is something for everyone; whether it is the edgy leather studded look to soft silks and frills, the vibrant colours or maybe the forever in black is your thing, whatever it may be fashion caters for everyone. I hope you all enjoy this blog and visit regularly!

-Pav Perhar.


5 Responses to “Introduction.”

  1. Pavneet Says:

    Love the name .. so proud of you 🙂 x

  2. i loveee itt 🙂 ..pavv well done!! this is really wikd :)x x

  3. This is impressive. I hope u elavate in your career. Salma

  4. Paul Campbell Says:

    Hi Pav,

    Great blog. Any plans to do an update on mens fashion this season?

    Good luck!


    • Hey Paul! Thank you for your comment, I am in India at the moment and have limited internet access however, when I am home i’ll work on your request.
      Thanks again 🙂

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