I know it’s been a while!

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Yes, it’s been quite a while since i last posted something here…i’m really sorry about that. But i can assure you that i will post more consistently from now on. I will be back at uni soon and have lots of events that i will be attending which i want to share with you.

So, i’ve completed my first year at uni studying Fashion Buying Management and i can’t believe how fast time goes. I’ve learnt many things over the year, I’ve realised that there are things that i love about what im doing and things that i simply hate…ultimately i’ve realised that fashion is an industry that is easy to fall in and out of love with. But i believe that’s natural…human beings are very fickle, fashion itself is fickle…we love something and then when we’ve had too much of it we hate it and then much later we love it all over again.

I chose this field because i was attracted to the creativity aspect and thought because creativity is subjective, it must be difficult to get things wrong. In fact the industry is very corporate and often pretentious. Now some people love that, some people thrive under those conditions however, i think for me it’s something that I’ve accepted but haven’t quite adjusted to. I’m not saying that i don’t like what i do, i definitely do…somtimes i come out of my lectures feeling blown away. Learning about the influence of the industry, learning about the birth and evolution of trends…it’s amazing. Definitely amazing. I just don’t think it’s right to paint a pretty picture of the industry as it is often portrayed as being. It’s easy to get things wrong and lose track of what you’re doing. But there’s no question that fashion has and always will be relevant.

I look forward to the experiences of second year and sharing those experiences with you.

Much Love, Pav.


A year on

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Currently I am sitting in the exact same place that I wrote my post on the suicide of Alexander McQueen. Having just watched a documentary about his life and path to success I still cannot help but feel the utter loss of a creative genius a year on. His work was theatrical and stunning and aside from putting on an amazing show for everyone, it was evident that his work was personal to him and had real substance to it. It was much more than creating something that was on trend or even wearable. It stuns me that he was often criticised for those very reasons…his work was not commercial enough and this meant that he would be at the heart of negative press. I have a genuine belief that Alexander McQueen broke the boundaries of fashion and eventually this was quite rightly recognised. In all his unusual, extreme and avant-garde work I’d find that the core would expose an essence of honesty and vulnerability…we were confused but at the same time we knew exactly what message he wanted to make. This ability is beautiful.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the AW 2011 collection.

Sarah Burton embraces the black/white colour trend that we’ve seen to be a key driver for the season. Long silhouettes are apparent as well as delicate fabrics that contrast with the tough and structured style of some pieces.

I will end this post with a quote by Isabella Blow on McQueen:

He’s a wild bird with good silhouette and his whole work is a bird…birds have movement, they have freedom, they’re wild, they’re free…they don’t have to be responsible to anyone other than to their great technical ability to fly…I think he makes clothes fly.

The link for ‘McQueen and I’ is below.


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This and That

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This is going to be a quick post with just a few random pictures that I haven’t been able to upload at an earlier time…hope you enjoy. Happy New Year.

London Fashion Weekend

My first ever mood board lol

These have been good to me this season

Pretty socks

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It’s one of the season’s favourite looks but can easily become plain and boring. There are loads of ways that you can spruce up the classic little black dress. Go for something that incorporates sheer fabrics, special detailing on embroidery and interesting shapes…not all at once necessarily. I’ve picked some dresses that I think nail the concept so you can conquer the look!

Revive Lace Dress, Asos, £75.00

Black Embellished Sequin Dress, Topshop, £75.00

Black Jacquard Dress, Next, £45.00

Aqua Wu Dress with Chiffon Cape, Available at Asos, £88.00

Asymmetric Ruffle Dress by Rare, Available at Topshop, £45.00


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“INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.

The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.”


If you liked that trailer and want to watch the full version of the documentary click on the link below. It’s only 13 minutes long and is highly relevant for many industries not only fashion and music.

Full Version


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Horrockses Fashions

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The Fashion and Textile Museum on a rainy September’s morning. Briskly walking huddled under my umbrella with a cup of coffee in my other hand. I was slightly lost but it was fun…I have a love for the city it’s so electric, so many people going places, doing different things I could watch it all day. I was at the museum to attend an exhibition on Horrockses Fashions’ which was the manufacturer of one of the most prestigious ready to wear labels of the 1940s and 1950s. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised, it was definitely interesting and allowed me to reflect on the evolution of fashion.

Horrockses Fashions’ was founded in 1946 and predominately focused on high quality women’s daywear, evening wear, beach clothes and house cotes (dressing gown/robe). In the early 50s they also added children’s wear to their collection.  They focused on excellent quality of fabrics (usually cotton), custom pattern and the fashion styling itself.

(Note: Picture quality is not great, flash photography was not permitted)

The stylists were encouraged to visit Paris couture shows and use their holidays to gain inspiration for when it came down to the designing process. On average the price for one of the dresses would range from £4 to £7 the equivalent to £80-£130 today.  The Horrockses Fashions’ label is typically associated with cotton summer dresses and was often regarded as essential holiday wear. The label was a hit with members of the royal family as well as other affluent women.

The pattern designs was my favourite aspect of the whole line. Quite often the design patterns were ideas of contemporary artists that were purchased off them and then translated on cloth. The link between fashion and art is truly beautiful and is often overlooked, some of the prints had such great attention to detail.

Below are some original sketches involved during the designing process. They obviously could not utilise the techniques we do in today’s industry instead, it was all very hands on and experimental.

Another favourite of mine was the wedding dress. It was so simple but to me made a very strong statement. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding dress with collars and long sleeves, sounds like something I’d get married in. Simply beautiful.

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Hey everyone! Hope you are all well, just wanted to apologise for not putting anything up here for quite awhile. I guess summer, work and everything else in between took its toll. However, I come bearing good news! Tomorrow I start my first day at university I’m studying Fashion Buying Management at the University of Westminster so I’ll have the right state of mind for writing and keeping you up to date with trends, news etc.  Although very excited about this new chapter in my life, I’m also quite anxious about various things…change is good though, I know I’ll be okay. The university itself has a valued reputation for my field; notable fashion designers have graduated from the university such as Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Bailey along with other influential individuals within the industry. The second piece of good news that i have is that I will be attending London Fashion Weekend this Saturday so I’ll update you with all the exciting things I see! That’s all for the moment I think. Thank you for reading and subscribing to this blog. Very much appreciated!

Much love, Pav Perhar  x